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Welcome to Shop-In-Pods Emporium

We have started to build our new venture in Ashford Kent and hope you will all be as excited as we are. Shop-In-Pods Emporium is based at the Creative Enterprise Quarter of Henwood Industrial Estate in Ashford. TN24 8FN. We have taken on our own warehouse to create a 2 floor Emporium open 6 days a week. Based on a beach hut style theme, each seller will have a lockable room with camera to promote and sell their items, craft, services etc. The idea is based on small businesses who are trying to move forward into their own premise but need to take smaller steps. We have a number of packages available and you don't even have to be there to sell your own products as our managers will do that for you. We also have the opportunity to sell via our glass display cabinets if a pod is too big for you, ideal for collectors. Opening off the ground floor is planned for January.

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